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We are all on a journey. Sometimes our journey will take us to the mountain top, and sometimes into a valley. There are times when that valley seems so deep and dark, with no way out! Although we can all use help, it is often when we are in the deep valley that we actually reach out for help, looking for guidance to bring us into the light. Tim and Diana have had many life experiences; some have been in the dark valley. It was then that they reached out for help – help from others, help from one another, but most importantly help from the Lord! The Journey Through was founded to assist others on their journey. One such way of assistance is coaching. They offer a unique, caring and compassionate way through coaching, of providing guidance to help you achieve your goals to happiness, peace, joy, fulfillment and purpose. Whether you need personal coaching, business coaching, or marriage coaching services, it would be a privilege for them to partner with you on your journey through.

About Us

Tim and Diana Journy founded The Journey Through in 2011. The Journey Through was created as a way to offer coaching services and minister to those looking for guidance and direction in difficult situations. Tim and Diana have worked in the area of marriage and individual ministry since 2009 and are now offering a variety of coaching services and specializing in Christian marriage coaching. They have been married for over 35 years and have four adult children and two grandchildren.

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Marriage Coaching Services

Your marriage is worth saving. Tim and Diana Journy have a special place in their heart for marriage coaching. They have been through some difficult situations in their own marriage and have worked through those dark times and now have a passion for helping other couples through difficult times in their marriages. They offer Christian marriage retreats, marriage retreats, Christian marriage coaching services, marriage coaching services, and support groups for surviving adultery and healing a broken marriage. Please don’t let your marriage go. There is hope. There is help. Please contact us today.

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